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  1. Ron Surz    949/488-8339  Originator of Age Sage New financial frauds are exposed every day, frequently by repeat tricksters. Fraudsters typically prey on our greed. Examples show how. We can protect ourselves by following some straightforward practices. You’d think that the notoriety of
  2. By Timothy Baker, CFP®, MBA Investing has a language of sayings and catchphrases of its own. Some encourage action, others espouse knowledge. A novice investor might struggle to understand the meaning of many common investing phrases or be duped by seemingly true but false phrases. Here are some of the more
  3. By Asad Gourani, AAMS®, APMA® Each person's individual investing strategy may be different, but there are things every investor should avoid. Many individuals start investing with little to no education about the markets and learn the hard way by losing money. Instead, take note of these four investing mistakes
  4. Everyone likes making money.  Seeing an investment go up in value is a good feeling that we all enjoy.  But we truly hate losing money.   Research suggests that the psychological pain that we experience from losing money is roughly twice as strong as the joy that we feel when we gain the same amount of money.
  5. By  Joe Allaria, CFP®  In an age of rapidly advancing technology, more investors are opting for DIY financial planning and  investment management  platforms. These trading platforms, retirement calculators, and auto-rebalancers are increasingly sophisticated, but many investors will learn in the next major market